Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Chris Litzkow is the owner and Chief Pilot for WIDronePilot.  Chris has held a FAA Private Pilot Certificate since 2002, and began flying drones in 2013. In 2015 Chris was one of the few pilots in the State of Wisconsin to receive FAA approval to begin commercial drone operations.


Chris is also an active full-time member of a state law enforcement agency, where he began their unmanned aircraft systems (drone) program.  Chris continues to run that program and flies drones for public safety purposes on a regular basis.  His experience as both a manned and unmanned pilot enhances safety with large scale operations which require a high degree of coordination.

“I’ve had a love of airplanes and all things that fly since I was a kid.”

Dylan Litzkow is a member of our ground crew, providing both visual observation and photographer’s assistant duties. Dylan is trained to perform pre-flight inspections and set-up of drone equipment, scout the shoot locations for obstacles or other hazards, and assists with managing shot lists and other tasks as needed.


Dylan is a high school student and a dual-sport athlete. While he doesn’t have a lot of interest in becoming a drone pilot, he’s a great asset to the team. His motto is, “I’ve got a strong back and the world’s best shovel” which I believe applies more to his lawn care side-hustle than it does to the drone business, but… he’s family and we keep an open mind.

Alex Brooks is a drone enthusiast and contract Pilot for WIDronePilot.  Alex has held an FAA Part 107 (sUAS) Certificate since 2016 and began flying drones approximately two years ago. In the early 2000's, Alex had an interest in aviation and built/flew remote control gliders as a hobby. Since then, his passion has grown, combining both photography and cinematography to the aerial aspect of flying.  


Alex is also an active full-time member of a state law enforcement agency in Wisconsin, where he and his team are actively in the process of building their unmanned aircraft systems (drone) program   Alex continues to fly drones as a hobby and professionally. Alex is apart of a statewide drone deployment team (with Chris Litzkow) that responds to requests as needed by various law enforcement agencies. His experience as an unmanned pilot continues to enhance public safety. 

Charlie Toms is a full-time UAS pilot for a local engineering firm here in WI. Charlie has been flying and building RC aircraft of all shapes and sizes for more than 15 years. Many of these were helicopters and early multi-rotor aircraft “drones” outfitted with cameras for photography and early rudimentary versions of aircraft providing video links for FPV (First Person View) long before it became what it is today. 


The experience gained in thousands of hours of RC flight experience as both a hobbyist and a professional UAS pilot is used in every flight project large or small to ensure safety.  Charlie is also a great aerial photographer and videographer and brings a level of creativity and professionalism that our large commercial clients have come to expect. 

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